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Empire.Kred  meets  Coin.Ƙred

[X]PendaPalooza Coin

Kred Coins are not just another new currency on the blockchain. It’s much more than a Coin to buy and hold. They are meant to stay on the move: from you to friends, fans, prospects, and customers. It’s an app, a game, a collectible, and the first Coin dedicated to gratitude.

As part of the Kred family, Empire.Kred Players are invited to start creating their own Coins early and at a special rate!

Your Kred Coin is your Coin

Personal, Collectible and Social.

Bacon Pirate Coin

Name it

Add Photos
or Videos

Personalize It

Name your Coin. Add an image, video, or animated GIF on the front and another on the back.

Your Coin tells your story. Make it perfect.. Like you!

[X]PendaPalooza Coin

Share It

Grab the attention of your fans, and friends by sending them your Coins.

As your Coins are passed from person to person, they comment in your unique Coin community.

Lori Moreno Coin

Collect It

The right design shared with the right people can lead to a collectible Coin that others will bid to buy.

It's a way for experts and social media Influencers to add value.


Empire.Kred Players are Family

Stock up now at the friends and family rate 30 days before launch

Empire.Kred Players can claim CƘr and start creating Coins now - Weeks before the public!

1 Claim your 1 free CƘr

Claim Free CƘr

Claim 1 free CƘr for being an Empire.Kred Player

2 Trade for 50% Eaves and 50% Cash

Trade for Eaves

Trade 50% Eaves and 50% Cash for extra CƘr

3 Buy with BTC, ETH, DOGE or USD

Buy More

Buy more CƘr with BTC, ETH, DOGE or USD

Turn networking into Coinworking!

Get attention from fans, friends and prospects by delivering your message via Coins

You decide how many coins to mint… and how many of each to distribute

COIN Lynn starts by sending her personal kitten Coin to Empire.Kred friends
COIN Vince shares his Empire.Kred Coin with 500 fellow players
COIN Nance shares her Empire.Kred Coin with her shareholders
COIN She asks 100 photography fans to pass her Coin on
COIN She sends her oil customers a special thank you Coin
COIN He gives 100 Coins to puppy lovers and asks them to share with friends
COIN 25 bacon lovers are honored to receive his pirate Coin
COIN She sends 50 Coins to
Pay It Forward
COIN She mints 100 Coins to promote her new blog
COIN 500 Coins go to rescuers to spread the word about fostering kittens
COIN She sends Coins to 150 early registrants giving them a discount to share with friends
COIN She marks the launch of her new book with 200 Coins

You send one coin to one person.

Have 300 people to send to? Do a run of 300.

Include a message asking each person to share with a friend.

Plan to send a Coin to each of your Shareholders!

Display the Coins you receive in your Kred Coin Collection

(e)KNIKKOLETTE on Empire.Kred
(e)MYSODOTCOM on Empire.Kred
(e)KITA on Empire.Kred
(e)HARRIE on Empire.Kred
(e)EMILIONAVAS on Empire.Kred
(e)ZAIBATSU on Empire.Kred
(e)SCOTTY1 on Empire.Kred
(e)RKC on Empire.Kred
(e)KAMALITO on Empire.Kred
(e)ICYSTARS on Empire.Kred
(e)AUREATE on Empire.Kred
(e)ALBERTO on Empire.Kred

Get your Coins first during the Early Access Sale

Customize them now and send out the day we launch!

Take advantage of the Friends and Family Rate